For You My LOve


Sitting with me under a tree
near a field of Rye.
His elegant eyes looked at me,
was he about to cry?

Those lovesome lips, a warm sigh
and then I smelt his breath.
Holiness, I felt for sure;
Days away from death.

That dawn to dark with him, the hunky him
Just the perfect paradise.
And all I thought of, as I succumb,
was his  valedictory kiss.





Someday somewhere you meet some people whom you just can’t forget life long, even though you try to.

Hi this is Sania Dhillon, I’m here with a story which is a little weird, messy, perplexing to explain. My teenage went love someone madly and when I stepped into sweet twenties I met someone with whom I share an indefinite relationship. A relationship with no definition. Can this happen??? Can people have relationships which have no definitions. The answer is “Of course!!!”

Kaash aaisa hota…

Kaash aisa hota
Jab mai subah uthti
Aur wo mere saamne hota…
Haathon me haath,
Aur uska saath hota…

Kadam se kadam milakar
Saath chalte hum….
Musibaton me ek dusre ki,
dhaal bante hum….

(Dear followers this poem is incomplete…
will complete it soon…
may be within a week…
looking for your help
to complete this poem..
drop your suggestions,
u can also mail me…

That’s what creativity entails the ability to use, discard, and change things into something else. I wondered what those options were and now I know. Will I use them? Not all the time. Blogs are like sand boxes. Kids see and shovel, a truck, and all sorts of things to start messing around. How these will work will be up to individuals.

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MAIN HOON kisi aur ki,
hoon kisi aur ke saath..

In nigahon ne dekhe,
khwaab kisi aur ke,
pura kare koi aur….

Ankhein roye kisi aur ke liye,
aanshu poche koi aur…

Dastan hai kisi aur ki,
kirdar nibhaye koi aur….

Pyar kiya kisi aur se,
saath nibhaye koi aur..

Zimmedari hun kisi aur ki,
zimmedar hai koi aur….


Main hoon kisi aur ki,
hoon kisi aur ke saath…..